Please read the frequently asked questions below
before emailing us.


Is this event open to all nationalities?

Yes, you can apply to attend the events regardless of 
your nationality.


Can I apply to attend if I live outside of the United Kingdom or Ireland?

You may apply to attend the events if you are within Europe, however, preference will be given to those who live within the UK or Ireland.

It is important to note that the focus of these events is on providing you with information about the Australian migration program and the opportunities across the country to empower you to make the right next step. Australian Futures is not primarily a recruitment event. While employers may be present at events attendees should not expect to secure employment
through attending.

For the reasons given above, we strongly advise against travelling to the event unless you live nearby. Most of the information we provide at the seminars can be obtained from our individual State Government migration websites (see: Victoria; South Australia; Queensland; Western Australia)


Are you planning to host events outside of the UK and Ireland?

Currently Australian Futures is focussed on the UK and Ireland.


How much does it cost to attend Australian Futures events?

Australian Futures is an Australian State Government initiative and is not a commercial enterprise. Wherever possible we will provide access to events for free or at a minimal cost to the attendees. Where Australian Futures is running a seminar program hosted within a commercial expo, attendees will be required to pay the entry charge as set by the event hosts.

Please check the ‘upcoming events’ tab for further information relating to specific events.


Will I get a job from attending the Australian Futures events?

The focus of Australian Futures events is to provide you with information about the Australian migration program and give you insight into opportunities within Australia to enable you to make the right next step. While some of our events may have potential employers present, attendees should not expect to secure employment through attending these events alone.


Can you give me individual advice via email?

While we understand that the process of migrating to a new country can be overwhelming we are not able to respond to individual requests for information via email.

The good news is there is a wealth of information available online and a good place to start is by looking at our State Government migration websites (see 'States' section for links) and also the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Alternatively, register your interest for one of our events and you will have the opportunity to attend an informative seminar and discuss your situation with State Government representatives one-on-one. To register for an event, click HERE.


Who are Australian Futures?

Australian Futures is a joint initiative between the European offices of the Australian State Governments, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia. We are not a commercial enterprise and strive to provide honest, impartial and trusted information about the Australian skilled migration program and opportunities across
the country.


I’m an Australian Citizen, can I attend?

As one of the key purposes of these events is the provision of information about the Australian migration program, Australian Citizens will generally not be invited to attend events.


Where are the events held?

Australian Futures events are held in the United Kingdom and Ireland. For invitation only events the exact premises will not be announced until closer to the event, however, we choose venues that are centrally located and easy to access using public transport.


Australian Futures Privacy Statement and Disclaimer

The Australian Futures brand is a collaborative effort between the Australia state government representative offices of South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria in the United Kingdom.

Australian Futures acts primarily as an information resource either through the Australian Futures website or the hosting of Australian Futures branded information seminars for prospective skilled migrants considering relocation to Australia under Australia's federal immigration department's skilled visa programs.

Australian Futures is not a commercial enterprise and at no times seeks to generate revenue from either the website or the seminars it holds.

Australian Futures never has nor is seeking to engage in formalised partnerships with intermediaries or service providers who may offer services or information on various aspects of migration to Australia. These may include but are not limited to banks, foreign currency exchange providers, relocation agents, migration agents, pension advisors and recruitment companies.

On occasion the Australian Futures website or an Australian Futures seminar may include information from a commercial company from one of those service providers listed previously. The inclusion of this commercial information is only ever presented on occasion for clients to gain a further insight into aspects of migration that Australian Futures cannot advise on. However, the inclusion of commercial information does not represent the endorsement or recommendation, either explicit or implied, of Australian Futures or the representative state governments which constitutes the Australian Futures brand, of any of the information or services provided by a commercial intermediary.

At all times website visitors or seminar attendees should undertake their own due diligence as to whether or not the information or services provided by a commercial intermediary is factual and legitimate.

Australian Futures maintains the personal data a visitor to the Australian Futures website provides when registering to attend an Australian Futures information and may subsequently may make contact with the registrant with regards to information concerning either upcoming Australian Futures seminars or information from the individual state governments which constitutes the Australian Futures brand.

At no times does Australian Futures pass on client details or information input on the Australian Futures website or provided at an Australian Futures information to any third party, commercial or otherwise